“If you find yourselves there, you’ll know there’s no other place of equal beauty in the whole world.” National Geographic, Sifnos Top Ten Islands



Sifnos is a fertile island located in the western Cyclades inhabited since at least 4000 B.C. Remains of ancient fortifications and mines, some dating back to prehistoric times, are still to be seen on the island. It is said that today Sifnos is an attractive destination for people who wish to discover the real Cyclades. We have chosen the island for its authentic style, offering high quality facilities and services embedded in pure nature and the calming of the Aegean Sea.

Our Verina Astra neighbors Artemonas with the white Cycladic style houses decorating the mountainsides. Sifnos has more than 300 churches and monasteries crowning every peak, old stone walls, terraces following the contours of the mountains, ancient stone paths and stairs winding between them, olive trees and orchards, all bathed in the most amazing, calming sunlight.

The clearest, bluest water of the sea, always nearby, the softness of the beaches and the incredible vistas to the other islands floating in the distance will create the perfect ambiance for a pure relaxation.The warmth, joy and hospitality of the local people, with their seemingly timeless rhythms and habits, will make you feel not only welcome and at home, but also invited to enliven this lifestyle for your own.

After our YALAjourney you will realise that letting go and getting in the calming rhythm of this graceful island will be easy, pleasant and refreshening.







Carolina, a.k.a "The Global Yogini" is a multi-faceted artist and globe-trotter spreading her love for yoga and the arts in a uniquely creative way. She completed her 500HR Ashtanga Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance) in Paris with Gérald Disse & Linda Munro at Ashtanga Yoga Paris and has been leading retreats for numerous years.

Her teachers of Pranayama, Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy are Sri OP Tiwari, Suddhir Tiwari of Kaivalyadhama Institute and Smta Hansayi Jayadeva from The Yoga Institute in Mumbai.

Carolina has a Master's in Contemporary Arts from the Université Paris VIII and completed a second master's in Art, Culture and Food Studies at New York University (NYU). While her studies at NYU, she lived at the Bhakti Center prime ashram in the Lower East Side of Manhattan together with her teacher Divya Alter, founder of the Bhagavat Life. Carolina has studied with senior level Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Chuck Miller, Ron Reid, David Garrigues and Kino MacGregor.


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Italian architect and interior designer, Francesca expresses her creative flair in her job as much as in her everyday life. Francesca found the spark of her passions nurturing inner balance and a healthy lifestyle based on yoga, natural eating and creativity.

Her yoga story started in Thailand in 2002, where she studied Hatha Yoga in Pai, and progressively refined her studies in Vinyasa Yoga in India at Richikesh's Tattvaa Centre, in Paris with Mika de Brito and Gerard Arnauld and in the United Stated with Paulie Zink, founder of Yin yoga. She studied the Chakra balancing technique with Jana Johnson in Bali.

Deeply inspired by the work of her teachers Dr. Anodea Judith and Selene Vega, she recently completed an intensive training in the Phycology of Chakras. Currently she focuses her attention and studies around psychology, bioenergy and movement.

In 2014 she decided to create Yala Collective to connect with others, while sharing passions and evolving her vision and love for living.