Re-connection to the earth: this is the next Yala Collective yoga journey topic.


Tuscany, and in particular the Natural Reserve of Pigelleto, is the perfect spot where re-connect your body and your mind to the planet. The months of September and October are the sacred period for the habitants of this land because is the harvesting time for the most know Tuscan products as CHESTNUTS, TRUFFLES, MUSHROOMS, GRAPES for the wine and OLIVE for the oil.

During this week of training in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda medicine and vegetarian cooking, we will visit some of Italian local organic farms to better understand the world and the work hidden behind the products we use in our daily life. We will also be in contact with the local producers ready to share their love and passion for this land. Our home, il Roccone, a secular house, is in the middle of the Natural reserve of Pigelleto, well known for its big chestnuts forest and wild fauna.

We will spend an afternoon harvesting the chestnuts and mushrooms that we will learn to cook thanks to the cooking classes of our vegetarian chef Lina Bou. Lina, chef at Café Smorgan in Paris, has prepared a special menu to enjoy our mouths during the week and she will teach us how to prepare healthy and balanced meals with the organic local products. Nathalie Babouraj, French/Indian doctor and owner of the ISI (Institut de santé integrative) in Paris, will guide us through the knowledge of Ayurveda. Following her guidance we will learn and practice together the principles of this ancient medicine.

Every morning we will start with a detox ritual followed from a meditation and Pranayama (breath techniques) class. After this internal body cleansing we will practice with Francesca Lo Cascio a two hours yoga class. Beyond this daily routine we will enjoy Francesca’s teaching during 3 evening Yin yoga classes, created to deeply relax and stretch your body.

This part of the region is also very known for the thermal proprieties of its water. Taking care of our body we will learn how prepare natural cosmetics with the products of this land and we will spend and afternoon to the picturesque village of Bagno Vignoni enjoying its 5 stars SPA. During our out-door visits we can observe the quietness of local life and the hospitality of the habitants of Montalcino, the village of the famous red wine, and Piancastagnaio, where we will participate to the most important celebration of chestnuts harvesting in the Country, dining in a typical wine cave and enjoying the traditional local (vegetarian) meals.






- 7days all inclusive package at “il Roccone”, a secular villa in the Natural Reserve of Pigelleto.

- Morning class of Meditation, pranayama and Vinyasa yoga.

- Evening Yin Yoga classes.

- Daily vegetarian brunch and diner.

- Vegetarian cooking classes with fresh local products.

- Ayurvedic class by Doctor Nathalie Babouraj

- An afternoon at the 5stars Thermal Spa of Bagno Vignoni.

- Massages, healthy therapy, relaxation.

- Excursions (visit to a typical Tuscan ancient village of Montalcino and Piancastagnaio, trekking in the natural reserve of Pigelleto for the chestnuts harvesting, visit local organic farms of olive oil and honey, participate to the chestnuts harvesting celebration followed by a dining in a local wine cave).

Francesca Lo Cascio will guide you during the Meditation and Yoga classes. The classes are mainly held in English with the possibility of classes available in other languages according to our guests needs (French, Spanish or Italian).



Nothing feeds the creative process as a spacious mind and attentive heart


Asanas help us to shape our reality, to become more creative and less constrained by expanding and reshaping our energy body to release shakti, our creative potential. Thanks to the exercises of Pranayama, to the relaxation in Shavasana, to the side and twisting postures we free our Prana, which brings a positive attitude and success to all we want to attract into our lives. Through the practice of yoga we can awaken our "inner artist". We may do any job, but if we approach it with a creative attitude that can give us the feeling of being completely present, awake and alive. Create objects with our hands, coloring, drawing, modeling, sewing, are all form of creative meditation. Apart from the satisfaction of having something made by us, you can enjoy a moment of relax, liberation and expression.

During the retreat we will have the opportunity to express our creativity through the practice of yoga, meditation, cooking class, satsang (group discussion) and dance.   



To celebrate our last day together, after our morning chakra-reconnexion session with Francesca, let’s groove with this fun and joyful Bolly-Yoga class with Nathalie Geetha!

Music will be our guide for movement : breathing, hips, shoulders, mudras, eye expressions, all our cells will sparkle, so we danse with our soul...

 We will learn to create a healthy and balanced meal, loaded with organic local food. All our senses will be used, sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch to express our limitless creativity!

Lina Bou studied Herbal and Functional Medicine in Stockholm, she have a diploma as a Nutritional Therapist and she has been working in several health companies.

She also has years of self studying in her baggage and a few years ago came her website where she shares recipes and articles. In 2012 she moved to Paris and many other projects continued for Mytasteofhealth and Lina herself.

In Paris she has been creating recipes for cafés (granola, energy bars, juice menus etc.) , now she's managing Cafe Smörgås that is a Swedish & organic place with seasonal menu.

Besides she is also organising workshops, pop up events, been participating in yoga retreats (with Francesca herself and also Carolina Daza) working in the kitchen and holding in cooking classes and she also has been writing some recipes for a gluten free french magazine called "NIEPI" .

" For me health is not only about food, is a big part of it, but its mainly about your lifestyle and mentality. Yoga and the breathing is a big part of it; it makes you aware and awakens plus it gives you energy to our life and brings happiness and self care. Also to be thankful in life, finding your passion, have good and loving friends and relationships and enjoy life feeds your cells with more than what a healthy meal can give."

What if Eating was fun, nurturing, and creative ?

Today, more an more research shows that WHAT we eat matters, but HOW we eat is even more important, as says Marc David, nutricionist, researcher and author of The Slow Down Diet. It’s what ancient wisdoms have been saying for thousands of years, like Ayurveda, one of the oldest indian medicine.

So... Ready to dive into the mysteries of Ayurveda, with the 7 keys for an intuitive kitchen that Nathalie Geetha will share with you ?

Ayurvedic tapas, finger-eating, savoring with your senses, self massage and creating your own beauty rituel are just a few hints of what’s waiting for you at this Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda training in Toscane. Perfect to take a zen-break in this fast and furious world...

Want to grab a taste, HERE, with an original meditation...

Nathalie Geetha is a life-lover... After a career as a family physician, she decides to train in yogatherapy, danse, and Ayurveda, with Deepak Chopra.

She creates her job : integrative health coach, and the iSi, l’Institut de Santé Intégrative.

You can find her at hers workshops : « les brunchs de Nathalie », in Paris, or in the Ayurvedic Bubbles : mini Ayurvedic retreats in the countryside, 30 minutes away from Paris. Her path meets the Yala collective and charmed by the creative energy, she jumps into the train... Yala !




Mostly the food is gluten- & dairy free and she uses sweeteners like honey and dried fruits. Also she incorporate her knowledge in nutrition and herbal medicine using digestible herbs and certain mixes of grains etc. to get a complete and comfortable experience.

In her cooking she likes to work with seasonal vegetables, gluten free grains like buckwheat, healthy oils and she also like to add some superfood's to spice her dishes with.