We are pleased to invite you to a unique journey over a period of one to two weeks. A meaningful travel experience and a deeper kind of journey discovering one of Southern Italy's most precious gems on the magnificent mosaic of European culture, Sicily, through a program encompassing daily meditation practice, visits to breathtaking seascape spots and the treats of local cuisine and gastronomy.

A daily activity program designed to discover the rich fabric of Sicily's heritage and its cultural wonders in which respect for nature and the environment takes precedence. Experience the Sicilian approach to health and well-being unwinding by the sea and soaking up the sun.

Food will also play an important role from food selection to meal preparation and as featured in our cuisine workshops designed by a professional chef to pamper your body and mind throughout the entire stay.

Yoga classes are mainly held in French with the possibility of classes available in other languages according to our guests needs

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To conclude the regular yoga practice ateliers of traditional vegetarian Sicilian cooking will be held by our “creative food mind” Antonella Fazio, well known for her personal recepies healthy and extremely attractive where Italian tradition is even more enhanced by the richness of Mediterranean products.

All the cooking creations will be realized with biological products at km 0.

A guided visit to the local market will allow you to learn how to chose healthy and natural products for the realization of balanced food that will side perfectly the practice of your yoga. You will be plunged in the history and cultural of Sicily along all the activities proposed by our program.





Thanks to the richness that this island offers you will have the opportunity to alternate practicing yoga on the panoramic terrace of Villa Sparta to scenari as those offered by natural reserves beaches and salt-pits.

Our yoga program is dedicated to all levels of this discipline. Entirely based on how guiding your breathing its practice will be divided in four parts:

The first part is dedicated to breathing (Pranayama) and to meditation. 

The second part is dedicated to Hata Yoga to learn all the positions through the decomposition of the movement.

A third dynamic part of Vinyasa Yoga where the various positions are finalized to the pace of the breathing. 

A last part consists instead in deep breathing (Shavasana).