“Whatever a guidebook says, wether or not you leave somewhere with a sense of the place is entirely a matter of smell and instinct.” Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

The taste of well-being!


Where better than in Italy you can learn how to combine tradition, taste and a healthy and natural lifestyle?

YALAcollective invites you a total immersion between:

- Physical and Meditative activities, to clean, tone and refresh your body and mind

- Professional cooking classes, where you will learn techniques and tasty and balanced recipes

- Food tasting of regional typical products

- Visits and outdoor activities to discover the charm of this land rich of its millenarian history.



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“Whatever a guidebook says, whether or not you leave somewhere with a sense of the place is entirely a matter of smell and instinct.” 

― Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun







Mens sana in corpore sano! ("Healthy mind in healthy body")

This ancient Latin phrase is still an important aspect of Italian culture and lifestyle.

Every morning, Francesca Lo Cascio, YALAcollective’s teacher, will propose you a "morning ritual" to begin the day, followed by a practice, suitable for all levels, combining yoga, meditation and bioenergy exercises.

Hiking will be another important part of our program.

The body training has been designed not only to help toning our body and tissues, stimulate the digestion and get ride of of toxins, but also to "reconnect" with nature, by a total immersion in the local forests.

In addition to the magnificent red-golden color of the foliage, October is the harvesting month! During the hiking we will harvest a variety of products like chestnuts, mushrooms and herbs that we will use in the kitchen!








From 20th to 23th October 2017

1. 1 spot in a Double shared room (single bed): 650€/pp.

2. 2 spots Double room (queen bed)  1150€/pp. *Valid only for people booking at the same time





*Flights *Private massages or therapies *Free Lunch during Santa Fiora visit






To ensure the high quality of the courses and visits, the YALAjourney Tuscany is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!










Italian architect and interior designer, Francesca expresses her creative flair in her job as much as in her everyday life. Francesca found the spark of her passions nurturing inner balance and a healthy lifestyle based on yoga, natural eating and creativity.

Her yoga story started in Thailand in 2002, where she studied Hatha Yoga in Pai, and progressively refined her studies in Vinyasa Yoga in India at Richikesh's Tattvaa Centre, in Paris with Mika de Brito and Gerard Arnauld and in the United Stated with Paulie Zink, founder of Yin yoga. She studied the Chakra balancing technique with Jana Johnson in Bali.

Deeply inspired by the work of her teachers Dr. Anodea Judith and Selene Vega, she recently completed an intensive training in the Phycology of Chakras. Currently she focuses her attention and studies around psychology, bioenergy and movement.

In 2014 she decided to create Yala Collective to connect with others, while sharing passions and evolving her vision and love for living.  







- 4days all inclusive package at “il Roccone”, a secular villa in the Natural Reserve of Pigelleto.

- Morning class of Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga.

- Professional Gourmet Cooking Classes.

- Healthy Diet with fresh local products.

- Tasting of local products.

- Pecorino handmade workshop.

- Trekking in the natural reserve of Pigelleto for the chestnuts harvesting

- Visit of typical Tuscan ancient villages of Piancastagnaio.

- Visit of local organic farms of olive oil and honey.

- The full YALAjourney is mainly held in English, but our staff also speaks French, Spanish and Italian.





DISCOVER the               LAND of TUSCANY


Our venue, il Roccone, located in the heart of the unspoiled Pigelleto Natural Reserve, will be the base point for many visits of the area.

We will spend the week exploring ancient medieval villages filled with history, from the ancient Etruscan culture to the Renaissance.

Piancastagnaio, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Santa Fiora, Sant'Antimo, Bagno Vignoni are some of the destinations that we will explore together.

During the various visits we will have the opportunity to taste local products and to understand the ancient food traditions of the region.

From wine to oil, from honey to cheese, between mushrooms and chestnuts, we will stimulate all the senses, enjoying a deep experience that enriches not only our body but also our spirit!







During the cooking classes, you will be guided by chef Giulia Steffanina, co-founder of the “Les Chefs Blancs” culinary school in Rome. You will learn not only how to prepare a cook many healthy recipes, but also their tradition and origin in the Italian culinary landscape

Every participant will receive the school apron and the recipe notebook! The cooking classes are a total interactive experience where you will learn, cook, share and taste with the chef and the group! At the end f the week there will be no secret for you on how to prepare homemade fresh pasta, cakes, salty strudels, soups and desserts and many other delicacies.

The focus of cooking lesson will also be on the nutritional properties of foods, on their combinations to set up a healthy and balanced diet, and on the most suitable cooking fats to keep the organoleptic properties of foods intact without loosing the them during the preparation.

To make our delicious and healthy menus, we will use only fresh, local and seasonal ingredients as whole grains, cereals, vegetables and legumes.




“There is no technique, there is just the way to do it. Now, are we going to measure or are we going to cook?” 

― Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun




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Since 2011 Giulia Steffanina is the co-founder, with Sandro Masci, of the renowned Les Chefs Blancs School of Cooking and Pastry, based in Rome. After graduating from law, she comes to the world of cooking and in particular in the one of pastry.

Giulia has more than 12 years of experience in the Art of Sweets at famous and starred restaurants.

She has participated at the International Festival of Italian Cuisine in India in New Dheli and Mombai. Master in Food & Beverage at I.S.P. Italy, she also obtained an attestation of sommelier at A.I.S. and she is a professional chocolate taster at the International Institute of chocolate tasting.

Professional trainer in Baking Techniques at the Tor Carbone Roma School, Chef Steffanina leads for years many amateur and professional pastry courses.

Besides all these attestations and professional experiences, she is one of the Italian Television celebrity chefs. Giulia is often participating as chef in various TV cooking programs such as "La prova del Cuoco" and "Dolci e Salati" and since 2012 she runs the TV show "Dolci Passioni" for TV program "Casa Alice".



Chef Giulia Steffanina's Bio in Italian 




A rich program to discover the land through nature and flavors! 

20 Fri

1.00 pm

Pick up at Rome Fiumicino airport

4.00 pm

Arrive at “Il Roccone” venue

4.30 pm

Welcome snack and presentation of the progrtam

5.30 pm

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

7.30 pm

Pasta party cooking class



21 Sat

7.00 am

Morning healthy ritual

7.30 am

Body/Mind Practice

9.00 am

Healthy Breakfast

10.30 am

Pecorino Workshop with Caseificio Murceti

12.30 pm

Light lunch

2.00 pm

Hiking in the Pigelleto natural reserve + chestnut harvesting

4.30 pm

YIN yoga practice

6.00 pm

Cooking class

8.30 pm

Gourmet dinner

22 Sun

7.00 am

Morning healthy ritual

7.30 am

Body/Mind Practice

8.30 am

Visit of Honey farm and Healthy Breakfast with honey tasting

12.00 pm

Coffee in Montalcino

12.30 pm

Hiking from Montalcino to Abbazia Sant’Antimo (4h)

4.30 pm

30min YIN yoga open air 

7.00 pm

Cooking class

8.30 pm

Gourmet Dinner

23 Mon

7.00 am

Morning healthy ritual

7.30 am

Body/Mind Practice

9.00 am

Healthy Breakfast

10.30 am

Santa Fiora Village and Olive oil tasting

1.30 pm

Visit of Santa Fiora + Free lunch

4.00 pm

YIN yoga practice

5.30 pm

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"Il Roccone" is located in the "Podere St. Francis", which was built in 1859 and completely restored in 2010, using only natural materials and respecting the traditions of the local buildings.

The property covers an area of over one hundred acres. Stay at “Il Roccone" Walden is a true immersion in pure and incontaminate nature.

Here you do not hear other noises or sounds that those of wildlife.



The Pigelleto Nature Reserve is divided between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto. It lies in the borough of Piancastagnaio, on the southern side of Mount Amiata. Founded by the Tuscan Region in 1996, the area of the reserve was one of the main mercury mining sites of Mounta Amiata and two disused mines can still be found within the reserve. The area is dominated by Poggio Pampagliano (969 m.) that together with Poggio La Roccaccia and Poggio Roccone, just slightly lower in altitude, form a curved ridge towards the north-east, that forms the watershed between the basin of the river Paglia and that of the river Fiora.

The reserve protects a mixed wooded area, rich in plant species, among which the presence of silver firs as a spontaneous species is especially relevant.



The charming village of Piancastagnaio in Siena province is the location of the famous chestnut festival that is celebrated here in late October every year! It is the oldest and most important festival in the Monte Amiata area and has been held in this lively little village since 1967!

Held in the main square of Piazza Belvedere, the chestnut festival originated because of the importance surrounding this staple food in the area. High up in the mountains, the ground was fertile but the climate was too cold for some vegetables and grains to successfully grow.

Chestnut trees were perfectly suited to higher altitudes and so became a great source of sustenance to the mountain people. The chestnuts were harvested peeled and often eaten raw or roasted in a pan over the fire. It was also ground into fine flour and made into delicious chestnut bread called ‘Castagnaccio’.

Inside the village’s solid medieval walls which were called Rocca Aldobrandesca, this bustling festival offers visitors all kinds of delicious chestnut themed dishes and products to try! Taste typical chestnut street food like Castagnaccio smothered with sweet homemade butter and Marrone chestnut jam, or other delicacies like ‘Brodolose’,’ Monne’, ‘Crostate’ and ‘Suggioli’.



Montalcino, City of the Brunello. To the south of Siena is a classic fairytale hilltop town, set within a full circle of fortified walls and watched over by a mighty castle of medieval perfection. Montalcino, west of Pienza, is a beautiful village immersed in the breathtaking Val d'Orcia Natural Park, renowned all over the world for the production of its precious Brunello red wine.

The town has scarcely changed in appearance since the 16th century. Once you get up to the town, a magnificent spectacle unfolds for your eyes: rolling sunny hills dotted with yellow and red flowers, ancient oak trees, picturesque olive groves, scenic country roads winding through perfect vineyards and isolated cypress trees atop hills.

Montalcino is not just wine, it is also very rich in artistic treasures. The historical center is dominated by the mighty and imposing Rocca or fortress built in 1361 to mark the passage of Montalcino under the domination of Siena. The views from its ramparts are spectacular, stretching towards Monte Amiata, across the Crete to Siena, and across all of the Valdorcia and the hills of Maremma



Santa Fiora, a medieval town situated at the foot of Monte Amiata, is regarded as one of the most beautiful natural environments in Italy.

The county of Santa Fiora was a small historical state of southern Tuscany. Together with the county of Sovana, it was one of the two subdivisions into which the possessions of the Aldobrandeschi, then lords of much of southern Tuscany, were split in 1274.

Santa Fiora recently received the orange flag by the Touring Club, that rewards sustainable tourism and environmental protection.



Founded in 1958, Frantoio Franci is set in Montenero d’Orcia, a small hilltop town on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains, overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia. In that year the brothers Franco and Fernando Franci purchased the famous Villa Magra olive grove proceeding to transform the old barn into an oil-mill.

The year 1995 marks a turning-point in the history of the family firm; it sees the beginning of the precious collaboration between Fernando, with his lifetime of experience, and his son Giorgio, who was to bring a new lease of energy and his modern business skills. Their main priority was to establish a place for their oil on the international market.



We will have the unique experience to learn how to produce the local pecorino cheese in the traditional way and by using 100% vegetal rennet! Thanks to the collaboration with our neighbor “Caseificio Muceti” of Castell’azzara every participant will produce his fresh “pecorino” and taste it during the cooking classes!

The milk we will use is produced directly from the local sheep that graze in natural pastures rich in grass and spontaneous flowers that give the characteristic smell and taste to local milk used to prepare the well-known Pecorino Toscano!



Villa i Cipressi is situated just outside Montalcino, on the hillside towards San Angelo in Colle. It is a small family owned and family driven farm. The family started out as beekeepers approximately 30 years ago, basing their future on different types of honey. During the 1990’s Sangiovese vines and olive trees were added to the farm trying to meet the requests of clients and for the passion of working the lands. The honey production has since grown larger and the Ciacci Family has experimented with different products either based on honey or with honey added to traditional products, making them successes: liqueurs, bonbons, cookies, ghiottenerie (toasted nuts in acacia honey), breadspreads and jams.

Today the farm and winery produces approximately 100 different products including the many varieties of honey, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG, Rosso di Montalcino DOC, Grappa di Brunello, Olive oil, pasta-sauces and wine-jellies. The farm is driven with great passion and respect trying to obtain the best quality of each product and therefore some products exist only in a small quantity.




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