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By Patricia Galeano from Paris:

Comment lier magie ressourcement et plaisir ? Francesca et Nathalie sont ces fées qui ont ce pouvoir ! J'ai passé une semaine magnifique en Toscane avec un programme parfait ! Yoga le matin, Découverte de la Toscane l'après midi, des pauses repas ayurvédiques délicieuses avec aussi la découverte des plats de la région ! mamma mia !!! Et des ateliers de danse et créativité !. J'ai adoré la liberté donnée à chacun et l'énergie qui s'est crée entre le groupe depuis le début. Que des belles rencontres avec des moments de complicité ! Je garderai cette semaine dans mon cœur et je continuerai à suivre Yala pour me ressourcer.


By Jenny Bakhos from Lebanon:

The yoga retreat in Tuscany exceeded my expectations and by far!

It was magical! The place, the practice, the yoga, the food, the excursions, but mostly the people! Everything was extremely well organized yet without being restrictive. Loved every minute. The villa we stayed in was unique, modernly equipped but with a traditional authentic touch. Located in the middle of a chestnut forest, the scenery and the surroundings are spectacular and ideal for a morning / afternoon walk/jog.

Francesca and Ophélie were great hosts, spoiling us with their genuineness and kindness. Francesca's yoga practice was adapted to all levels and her teaching very generous, precise and focused. By the end of the retreat, one could definitely see how well each of us improved. Ophélie's dishes were exotic, fresh, unexpected, healthy and yummy! The food in itself was an experience! We were also lucky to have Renato come and show us how to make Pici (fresh pasta specialty of the region). The best pasta I've ever had. It was delicious! Thank you Renato!!

The visits to the nearby villages and the spa experience were also very good! Francesca, Ophélie and all those who took part in this journey, thank you for making this retreat an unforgettable experience, full of positive energy and where i was lucky to meet such great people who i can now call friends. I would definitely come back! "


By Brigitte Glucina from Australia:

The week was absolutely magic. The serenity of the location, the energy of our teachers and new friends, and the food could not have been better! We dedicated each day to a sacred chakra and the result was incredible. Francesca is a wonderful teacher, and as a treat Celine came to the retreat and we were blessed with a second teacher. These two amazing yogis taught our morning session together, and it was great because they were able to demonstrate the partner yoga and help us further our postures. The sessions were very energetic and full of trust. Ophélie, the master of our vegan kitchen, was so kind, intuitive, and loving with our food! We would finish our yoga with a juice or smoothie and then commence a vegan cooking class together. I'm not vegan or vegetarian but the food was incredible. It was a real highlight, and it was wonderful creating it all together! We had excursions, activities and workshops each afternoon, plus downtime and so much laughter. Singing, dancing, tears. Highly recommended! I would love to be part of the next retreat!


By Cristina Vatielli from Italy:

Ci sono esperienze che ti cambiano la vita o che più semplicemente ti confermano se la direzione presa è quella giusta. Un’avventura all’interno di noi stessi, condividendo ogni momento con persone che come te, sono alla ricerca di serenità e consapevolezza del proprio corpo e non solo. Immersi nella natura, circondati dal bosco, si respira e si muove il corpo in sintonia con ciò che ti circonda. Il tutto accompagnato da una sana e creativa alimentazione, con corsi di cucina e design tenuti da persone che conoscono e amano quello che fanno, e lo sanno far bene!! Grazie a Francesca per il suo Yoga impeccabile, profondo ed efficace, e la sua energia vitale che ti accompagna in ogni movimento e respiro. Grazie a Ophelie che con la sua voce e la sua chitarra ti accompagna nella meditazione più profonda e con le sue mani magiche dona sapore e colore in tavola. Grazie a Renato che con il suo gran cuore ci accoglie a braccia aperte in questo angolo di paradiso. E’ così che amo vivere il mio paese, L’Italia.


By Catherine Putod from France:

Ce stage a été très ressourçant et inspirant, au coeur d'une réserve magnifique. Accueillie dans une villa superbe, deux anges ont concocté un programme varié. Francesca la grande inspiratrice nous a accompagnée avec bienveillance, maturité et douceur. Ces cours de yoga m'ont apporté beaucoup de joie et de détente. Entre méditation guidée, chants, cuisine détox, Ophélie nous a régalée. Deux belles créatrices complices qui ont permis à notre groupe cosmopolite de partager des moments chaleureux et inoubliables. Et j'ai retrouvé un ventre plat !!! Merci à toutes.


By Noemie Elkrieff from France:

This week in Tuscany was an uncommon experience for me. I came to the retreat to reload and get some inspiration for the company I am building, I left with way more than inspiration! The women with who i shared the week were all so kind and caring that i left with a feeling of being supported by the team. I moved on and took big decisions. Between her mantras and marvelous dishes, Ophélie inspired me to take care of myself by eating more vegan and being grateful for what I have. The yoga lessons of Francesca were absolutely the kind of yoga I like to do : sportive but not too hard so that at the end of the week we had all improved even if our level of yoga was not the same. She also took a very good care of us through massages with essential oils and inspiring chakra meditations. I would recommend this yoga retreat to everyone who wants to share the values of YALA Collective: take care of yourself, love your body, share your love and become yourself in contact with the others. Thank you to Francesca and Ophélie but also to all the team of marvelous women I met. I am sure we will keep in touch and I can't wait for the next retreat in Portugal !!!


By Marie Guegan from France:

Francesca's yoga class is very well balanced and she knows how to please the group by finding a level that fits everyone. She is very careful and discreet but knows when one needs help or adjustment. A retreat with her is advised as her spirituality and devotion goes far beyond the 2 hours of the practice. Grazie Francesca!


By Lydia Kanouni from France:

Petit débrief sur cet événement qui s'est déroulé du 2 au 8 Janvier et auquel j'ai eu la chance de participer en tant que masseuse. De purs moments de bonheur, encadrés par des jeunes femmes extraordinaires, j'ai nommé > Francesca Lo Cascio et Céline Laroche au Yoga + Ophélie Doll à la gastronomie végétale, à la musique, et aux fous rires! Dans un lieu magnifique (oui oui, la Toscane c'est vraiment comme sur les photos), avec une team de participantes venant du monde entier, chacune apportant sa pierre à l'édifice Yala Collective.


By Dora Biondani from Italy:

Un' esperienza con Yala Collective è un'esperienza completa. Ogni singolo momento è stato curato, organizzato e realizzato con amore e gentilezza, quelle cose che ti fanno sentire bene nel riceverle, ti fanno sentire importante, e parte di un gruppo, anche se il gruppo si è solamente appena creato. Il piacere del condividere momenti magici con qualcuno è unico. Purtroppo non sono riuscita a completare la settimana con loro ma anche quei pochi giorni insieme sono riusciti a donarmi serenità e pace. Grazie a tutto il team Yala per quello che fanno.


By Victoria Curatolo from Italy:

Last weekend I was able to enjoy a lovely two day session of Vinyasa yoga in Marsala...at last! Francesca's classes were just great, dynamic and powerful but with a lot of stretching and relaxation too, exactly what I needed. Not to mention the beautiful location, at sunset and with the view of the sea. Looking forward to the next session!


By Michela Bilotti from Italy

Con Yala Collective ho trascorso l'anno scorso una bella vacanza yoga in Sicilia, a Marsala. Accoglienza calorosa e un programma ricco di attività. Ogni mattina si praticava yoga con la bravissima insegnante Francesca, adatto a qualsiasi livello e che risvegliava le energie del corpo e della mente. Buona la cucina vegetariana di ispirazione siciliana, di cui la brava Antonella ci insegnava le ricette e dava suggerimenti. Interessanti e divertenti le escursioni ben organizzate nei posti più belli della provincia di Marsala. Spero di poter partecipare ancora alle prossime vacanze yoga di Yala Collective! Michela


By Ludovica Bellavista from Italy:

It was my first experience with the yoga and it was absolutely fantastic! Francesca with her energy, her music and her method of teaching lets me feel all the benefits of this discipline. She knew that was my first time and she stopped every time I need it, the group was so nice, there were people coming from every where!!! The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic.... On the beach during the sunset...amazing! Can't wait to do it again!!!


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