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My yoga story started in 2000 during a charity project in Thailand. The experience to be in a foreign country living the opportunity to study and practice hatha yoga and meditation certainly had a deep impact on what I am today. As an interior designer, my creative job and infinite love for travelling allowed me to work in different countries. Wherever I went I studied a variety of technics and styles that make me realize the infinite power of this inner practice.

Happy guinea pig of myself, I felt the huge benefits that a regular practice had in my life; starting with a transformation in my inner world and, as a natural consequence, a substantial change in my external environment. Meditate and practice yoga regularly makes me feel more connected with my inner self and allows me to explore my personality from another point of view, less judgmental and more tolerant.

Over the years I progressively refined my studies in Vinyasa Yoga in India at Richikesh's Tattvaa Centre and in Paris with Mika de Brito and Gerard Arnauld, focusing my practice in a very strong Yang approach. In 2013 my personal and teaching practice had a big change.

During a travel in Bali I followed a training on Chakra balancing techniques with Jana Johnson that literarily lights up my interest in the world of energies, giving a meaning to all what I had learned and experienced before. Understanding day by day the subtle world around and in me, I had the opportunity to study with one of the most impressive woman I ever meet, Anodea Judith, psychologist and leading authority on the chakra system and its application to Western lifestyle. The training I received from this woman in the Psychology of our inner energies made me understand the importance of being balanced in life and revealed to me my yang attitude in working, creating and practicing yoga.

Francesca Lo Cascio 

Moved to United States I had the gift to study with amazing and inspiring teachers as Paulie Zing, founder of Yin yoga and Joshua Summers, Yin yoga and Meditation teacher. Thanks to their guidance I deepened my practice and teaching with the part I was missing, the Yin. This technique completes in a such harmonious way my yang practice that make me physically understand the meaning of the world yoga (yoke): union. Happy to follow this path I’m currently focus my attention and studies around psychology, bioenergy and meditation.


How was your encounter with YALA Collective?

The yoga practice brings in my life precious friends who not only invested their time, talents, and energy, but that also shared their ideas participating in the creation and evolution of YALA.

With the precious help of Carolina Daza, Ophelie Doll and Nathalie Babouraj, in 2013, I decided to create Yala Collective, a creative wellness platform that propose conscious travel to explore the world in a different way. A unique tool to rediscover our planet envisioning wellness, and supporting local communities through a series of events combining yoga, meditation and healthy traditional cooking. A platform that, helping people to connect and share their passions, makes positive impacts into the world.

Thanks to the hard work of Carolina, today we have a more organized structure and a clearest vision that allows us to co-create new projects and to enlarge the community by involving other meaningful and professional projects that share YALA’s values and vision. We hope that every YALA’s event contributes to pave the path for a supportive and exciting long life journey!


Words for our YALAworld...

I believe Yoga is not about being super flexible or strong, nor putting yourself upside down or scratching your nose with your foot. The true path begins off our mat. It is easy to feel calm and gentle in a quite yoga center, guided by the gentle voice of your teacher.

But is it the same outside, in the rush of our daily life? The path of yoga and meditation allow you to create space in your body and your mind to welcome a more conscious attitude. Be generous, positive, integral, and inspire others to live better every day. To me this is the real sense of Yoga and this is what I wish to spread around the world through YALAcollective.



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8 - 14 July 2018

“An ARTful YALAjourney to discover the land of the SUN”

It is not just a yoga retreat, YALACollective invites you to embark to a unique artistic journey in the MYSTIC SOUTH OF SPAIN, a place possessed by Arabic and Christian richness and a flamenco dancing way of living that seems to belong to a remote past.

“Andalusia is a land of light, the birthplace of flamenco and sevillanas, the homeland of poets and artists; a melting pot of cultures, religions and traditions.”

Join us!