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What's your yoga story?

As an adventurous and free-spirited globe-trotting yogini, my hunger for arts and yoga has taken me from my native Colombia to magical spots around the world. Believing in yoga’s holistic approach to nourishing our minds, bodies and hearts, my teachings are geared towards finding creativity and a fun balance in our lives. I was born and raised in Barranquilla, an artistic Colombian city along the Caribbean sea, where a creative cultural fusion of European elegance, African rhythms, and Indigenous folklore feeds up hearts.

There, I discovered the intelligence of my body and the way it could cultivate inner tranquility. At a young age, I engaged with my school’s dance teacher (an excellent yoga teacher) in guiding my body’s strong rhythmic vitality to connect with my heart and mind.

My official encounter with yoga took place when I began my university studies in the United States, period during which I started to explore healthy and happy lifestyles through yoga, natural cooking, and artistic creation.  


Carolina Daza

When did you start teaching yoga?

I began teaching yoga at a very early age and had the chance of teaching at universities like Georgetown and George Washington, as well as at Lululemon Athletica while living in Washington D.C. This dream paved the way for moving into the Bhakti Ashram of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and fully immersing in the New York City yoga and Ayurveda universe, while simultaneously advancing my Master’s of Arts at New York University (NYU) and working as an Artistic Director at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Living in NYC helped me understand a common conception of western life. Unfortunately, many still feel that quality of life is measured by how much each person can accomplish in the least amount of time, incorrectly assuming that our body’s physical energy is limitless, and that we must live as fast as we can to produce as much as we are able to. As I kept traveling, studying with excellent yoga teachers and practicing next to fantastic yogis, I felt my practice was deepening at a very rapid pace. In NYC, I was mostly teaching yoga, and my studies took up a lot of my time.


Why do you teach Ashtanga Yoga?

I moved to Paris and embarked on a profound study of the Ashtanga Yoga method with Linda Munro and Gérald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris, without a doubt the best yogic revolution of my time; and hence found my true yoga teachers and path.

Since then, I feel fully connected to teaching the Ashtanga method in a fun, safe, gentle and creative way. I can open heartedly say that practicing and teaching Ashtanga yoga continues to be an essential part of my life. It is indeed my most important tool for finding my own balance, a beautiful tool for self-introspection, self-care and love. I feel the Mysore practice, the traditional way of practicing it, has a revolutionary power to transform our inner worlds to the best of our abilities.


How was your encounter with YALA Collective?

In 2013 I met Francesca Lo Cascio and felt fully connected to her dream of YALACollective. Francesca - FLOC - a designer yogini with the guts of dreaming and strongly acting upon her visions; I felt that her approach to yoga and discovering the world was truly profound.

Since then we have been co-creating YALACollective as a worldwide community of creative wellness, organizing Yoga journeys and workshops around the globe. From Fuerteventura to Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and the Mexican Riviera Maya, from Puglia in Italy to Alentejo in Portugal, and we hope the list can keep going, as well as our capacity of empowering many more human beings and local communities.


Words for our YALAworld...

Once a momentum is created, it should continue, meaning that yoga cannot be practiced or taught temporarily but should be lived every second, minute and day of our lives. I hope I can always be a beginner student and inspire many more to cultivate their own paths. Undoubtedly, yoga’s best gifts has been all the admirable, talented, virtuous, authentic and happy souls that not only have paved my journey with love and inspiration, but have potentialise the best in me. I hope to meet many more.



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8 - 14 July 2018

“An ARTful YALAjourney to discover the land of the SUN”

It is not just a yoga retreat, YALACollective invites you to embark to a unique artistic journey in the MYSTIC SOUTH OF SPAIN, a place possessed by Arabic and Christian richness and a flamenco dancing way of living that seems to belong to a remote past.

“Andalusia is a land of light, the birthplace of flamenco and sevillanas, the homeland of poets and artists; a melting pot of cultures, religions and traditions.”

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