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varied styles of workshops, happenings, and experiences to stimulate your creative wellness. Our events give you a gilmpse of our unique and fun approach to creative wellness.

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meaningful travels blending daily yoga and meditation practices along with natural cooking, creative hands-on workshops and trips to discover the beauty of the natural landscape and the richness of local cultures.

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offering online and on-sight fun educational trainings, based on the science and art of Yoga, natural cooking, and creative expression. We choose the best knowledge from professional and qualified teachers that blend their vivential experiences with those of other YALA members.

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our colorful kitchen serves as our communal space for sharing recipes and knowledge on natural and fun cooking, based on our studies of vegeterianism, veganism, raw food, and Ayurveda. We lead and share a handful of trainings, manuals, and performances on food art.

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an open and active journal seeking and sharing the latest knowledge related to creative wellness. Here you can find articles, videos, recipes, and links to the inspiring projects of our members. Feel free to let us know if you would like to publish an article.

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A premium selection of design products in line with our sustainability and social values. Your purchase supports Yala Collective's social evolution. We produce in a sustainable matter most of our products but also select other special ones from other producers.

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YALAevent - Paris

21 October 2016

Evening Workshop _ Paris17éme _ From 7 to 9.30 PM 

YIN YOGA & MINDFULNESS : Come to an evening of deep relaxation.

2.5 hours of practice that mix together meditation, breathing techniques and the benefits of yin yoga.  A practice that you can use at home whenever you feel the need to create space in your body and your mind.

After the practice we will have a light meal to share together our thoughts. GROUP ARE LIMITED (10 people). 25€/pp


YALAjourneys - Tuscany

29 October - 4 November 2016

YOGA and the richness of the Earth. Re-connect to the Earth during a week that mix together the art of Yoga and Meditation guided by Francesca Lo Cascio and Carolina Daza with the local Italian culture of Tuscany.

A week full of activities to deep understand the fundamental role of NATURE in humane life. Celebrate with locals the special season of harvesting and be part of our Italian family.

Join us!

YALAevent - Paris

6 November 2016

Atelier FLOWING imaginé et animé par Francesca Lo Cascio et Carolina de la Cuesta

Qu’est-ce que c’est ? Un atelier de yoga pour activer notre créativité, aller à la rencontre de la magie intérieure et des champs des possibles. Notre but c'est de vous proposer des outils pour activer l’imagination, faire danser nos neurones, supprimer des blocages d'expression. La créativité nous rend joyeux et nous ouvre la voie du bonheur…


YALAevent - Winchester MA

11 November 2016


At the Crysalis Center, Winchester, MA

Learn Francesca’s meaningful jewelry making techniques and string your own mala necklace this November 11th. What a perfect way to celebrate a month (and day) dedicated to gratitude. This class is designed to be a bonding experience between loved ones, but individuals are welcome to join as well. All supplies provided.


YALAjourneys - Colombia

18 - 26 February 2017

Soul of the Sacred Sierra Nevada: (February 19 - 23, 2017) 5 days of pure wellness for a deep regeneration of body and mind in the unique venue of Casa Coraje

Colombian Magical Realism: (February 23 - 26, 2017) 4 days journey to be immersed in the enriching Colombian historical culture of Cartagena de Indias followed by the joyous Carnaval de Barranquilla where the contagious dances, music and folkloric expressions will reboot the purest joy of life

Join us!

YALAjourneys - Mexico

9 - 15 April 2017

SAVE THE DATE : A unique week in the Mexica JUNGLE!

Details coming soon

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